Commissioning original artwork

Commissioning original artwork

We all love images of beautiful landscapes, but sometimes don’t you wish you could have on your wall professionally crafted images that mean something more to you personally?

Perhaps you've been looking for a photograph that reminds you of a special place: a favourite scene from your childhood, the site of an important milestone in your life, or the place where you feel most at peace with the world. When you're trying to capture a certain feeling, nothing can match a piece of unique artwork tailored to your specifications.

What's involved?

If you’d be interested in commissioning some original artwork for yourself, your friend or your business, please contact me and I’ll be delighted to discuss what you’re looking for. We can talk about the location, what it means to you and what you'd like the photography to represent; we'll also agree on a timescale and a price, so you're fully informed before deciding whether to go ahead.

When the artwork is ready it's your choice how it's delivered: mounted prints, digital images - whatever suits you best.


As a guide, prices begin at £600 for individual members of the public, which includes three days' photography and the chosen images provided digitally on DVD. I approach every commission individually, so please get in touch with more information about what your requirements for an accurate quote.

A deposit of £150 is required to secure a commission, with the remainder payable on delivery.

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